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What should I bring to HauntFest?

Close-toed shoes

The majority of the festival will be held OUTDOORS, so remember to bring close-toed shoes, ESPECIALLY for the haunted trail. It is a wooded trail that you will be maneuvering at night, so this is for safety reasons.

ID/Drivers License

The event is held at a BREWERY. If you plan on ordering any drinks or participating in any 18+ activities (i.e. flesh hook suspension), make sure to have a valid ID on hand.


There will be tons of opportunities to purchase goodies at the vendor booths, including food! Credit cards can be used for some things, but there will likely be vendors who only accept cash or Venmo, so make sure to be prepared. All musicians are volunteers, so make sure to slide them a tip if you think they rock!


We strongly encourage you to dress up to enjoy the atmosphere of the festival to the fullest! Costumes are not required, of course, but it will make for a more immersive experience.

Appropriate Clothing

While costumes are encouraged, please be mindful of the appropriateness of your attire. From 5-6pm on Saturday and 4-6pm on Sunday, the festival will be more family-friendly with children present. Families are still allowed after these hours. Just remember to be respectful, but feel free to let your freak flag fly!


If you have any special accommodations related to health or fitness, please let us know! There will be parking volunteers on duty who can assist with handicap parking near the entrance. There will be strobes and other flashing lights for the haunted trail and the bands on stage.

Do NOT Bring

Animals. While SBC is usually a pet-friendly venue, HauntFest April Ghouls is not a pet-friendly event. We have live snake encounters and kittens! We also have some very hungry ghouls that would be glad to munch on the bones of your dog or cat, so just don't bring them.

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