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HauntFest April Ghouls 2024 Activities

Georgia Reptile Society

Snake encounter!!

For a donation to the Georgia Reptile Society, you will have the chance to hold a real, living snake at Southern Brewing Co. Also use this opportunity to learn about some of Georgia's reptiles and their importance to the environment!

COFAS Athens Cat Program

Kitten Meet and Greet!!

The Circle of Friends Animal Society's Athens Cat Foster Program is hosting a kitten meet and greet for HauntFest April Ghouls. Come calm your senses in a booth full of kittens before returning to the frights of the festival. Don't be a fraidy cat!

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Screenshot 2023-10-26 125339.png

Psycho Path

Haunted Trail!!

In addition to the monsters stalking the crowd throughout the festivities, you will have the opportunity to take a walk through our Haunted Trail starting at 9 pm. 

Terror Trivia.jpg



Play Terror Trivia indoors on Saturday for a chance to win discount coupons for your tab and our sponsor basket! Trivia topics include anything horror/macabre/Halloween-related.

HauntFest Band Lineup

Live Music!!

Come boogey to some spooktakular musicians throughout the evening. Do your best Monster Mash to 8 incredible bands on Saturday and 7 on Sunday (15 total). On Saturday, rock to a performance by celebrity Ari Lehman's band, First Jason. For musician bios and Spotify links, visit the Musician Info page!

Saturday (1).png

HauntFest Vendors

Horror art and oddity vendors!!

These aren't your normal festival vendors... You can find anything from wet specimens to prostetic legs while perusing our vendor booths at April Ghouls. For more information about our vendors, please visit the Vendor Info page, as well as our Facebook and Instagram pages for Weekly Highlights!


Food and Drink

Beer and food trucks!!

Southern Brewing Company offers a broad selection of beers and will be serving spooky cocktails for the event! Hungry for dinner or a snack? Grab some grub from one of our food trucks! And don't worry - there are also vegan options!


Ghost stories by the fire!!

Local horror authors will be holding book signings, and some will be telling ghost stories at the fire pit at various intervals in the night. Have a chance to meet and chat with these authors in person!

Screenshot 2023-11-08 142146.png

Ghost Stories



Freak Shows, Blacksmithing, and Weight Lifting!!

Visit our 18+ section of the fest and feast your eyes on some WICKED body horror acts from Cyanide Suspension, such as glass walking and human blockhead. Fire breathers and other freaks of the night will creep out during the darker hours. Outside of the Rated R section see the World's Strongest Blacksmith's incredible weight-lifting feats and watch him forge on site. He also breathes fire!

**Click image if you are interested in trying gravity boot or saran wrap suspension yourself!!

pumpkin painting_edited.jpg

Pumpkin Painting!!

FREE (plastic) pumpkin painting will be available for the kiddos on both days. For more seasoned artists, larger pumpkins and other ceramic craft items will be available for purchase to decorate and paint! All supplies included. Click the photo to read more about family hour this year!



Release of the Ghouls


At 6 PM both nights, HauntFest's psychos, monsters, and freaks will be released into the crowd with a thirst for blood... We hope you survive the night, but the ghouls are eager to m(eat) you. If you are a fraidy cat, pick up a ghoul-gone glow necklace to keep the monsters at bay...


Raffles and Games!!

Enter a chance to win our sponsor raffle that will be announced during the festival! ($5/ticket)

Enjoy various games, such as cornhole, while you experience the festival.

Raffles and Games



Looking for s'more fun? Stop by the Harpold Manor booth and pick up a s'more pack for the fire pit! Roast your bones by the fire and chat with friends, but watch your back for the ghouls lurking from behind!

Harpold Manor S'mores

Body Art & Live Classes

Face Painting, SFX Classes, and Tattoo Stencils!!

BZ ArtZ will be offering spooky face painting and an SFX makeup class at the event. Visit the Sunsuite Tattoo booth to get a FREE needleless tattoo applied. Fun for all ages!

DC42CD0D-5459-46B8-BADA-DF2FA2E367E7 - BZ Artz LLC.jpeg



Enjoy a function hayride that brings you to and from your parking space! Saturday only.


Haunted Car Showcase

Car Show!!

Several "haunted" vehicles will be present at the festival to explore and take photos! Hearses and other spookified vehicles are welcome (visit Haunted Car Showcase page to apply). Get pumped about the movie replica Ghostbusters car!

Celebrity Appearances

Ari Lehman!!

The actor who played the first Jason Voorhees in Friday the 13th will be offering autographs, pictures, and other merch on both days of the festival. He is also rocking us to a close on Saturday with his band First Jason! You definitely won't want to miss an opportunity to meet this horror legend.

HauntFest April Ghouls (1).png

Costume Contests


Join us for our Mini Monster Costume Contest on Saturday at 5:10 PM or on Sunday at 5:00 PM! Adult monsters will be judged at 9:20 PM on Saturday and 7:40 PM on Sunday. Costumes are encouraged for all attendees!

Black And Orange Spooky Modern Halloween Costume Contest Poster (1).png


Blow-Up Boxing Ring!!

Have you ever wanted to beat the everliving sh*t out of a friend or loved one? Don't lie. Well, now's your chance! Except...much more fun and safe. Lake Joy Trails of Terror will be bringing this humorous activity for all to enjoy!



Gellyball Target Shooting!!

Yet another SICK activity brought to us by Lake Joy Trails of Terror. Do you remember Orbeez? Well, they just got brought to the next level. Get some target practice in with these fun gel bullets!


Rage Room

It's All the RAGE!!

This booth will have all sorts of things for you to absolutely DEMOLISH. Let off that steam. You know you need it, don't lie to yourself.

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