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Haunted Car Showcase

Do you own an unusually antique or haunted car? A hearse? Or do you simply love cars and want to dress yours up for Halloween? You have come to the right place!


Details: HauntFest is spicing it up this year with some new and exciting activities! This year, we will be offering space for a haunted car showcase. There will be no charge for the space, HOWEVER, you must follow the rules listed below and we can only host a maximum of 10 cars per day for the show. We would like to also make this a trunk-or-treat opportunity for kids (most likely from 5-6 on Saturday and 4-6 on Sunday), so please bring candy!


1. You must park your car in your designated field spot during vendor load-in and leave it until the end of the festival.

2. Your car absolutely MUST be themed. Dress it up if you have to!

3. Bring candy for a trunk or treat!

4. Not a requirement, but we encourage folks to dress up! Anything to add to the theme will make the fest just that more magical.

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