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Our Team.

**If you are interested in being part of our team, please contact us via the contact page to schedule an interview.

Our team is dedicated to providing a fun, safe, thrilling experience for haunt lovers that wish to enjoy the horror arts outside of the typical season. We strive to break the stigma that watching horror movies is the only acceptable horror-themed activity to enjoy outside of October. Our goal is to create a haunt community that can grow and thrive in this ever-changing modern society.

Hello! My name is Roseann Harpold, and I am the founder of HauntFest, LLC. My goal is to one day grow HauntFest into a business that can provide haunts year-round and bring the community closer together. I am thrilled to be a part of this venture and hope to spread my love for the horror arts to others. Happy Haunting!

Abigail (21, she/her) is delighted to be a part of the HauntFest team team this year! When she isn't planning a spooky festival, you can find her at UGA as a fourth year Aquatic Biology major with a minor in Tourism Management.

Erik Gou - CFO. Pickleball enthusiast, taco connoisseur, handler of hauntfest’s excel spreadsheets.

Killer Mediums HauntFest Podcast

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Haunting University  HauntFest Podcast

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