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Fire Show

HauntFest is Looking for Entertainers!!

Entertainers must be willing to:

  • Volunteer their performance
  • Fit the theme
  • Come in costume
  • Perform for at least 30 minutes

**Volunteers get in free and do not have to pay a vendor fee to set up a merch booth

**Please contact with any questions or concerns

**Performers will receive Weekly Highlights/other promotions for volunteer efforts. The sooner you sign up, the more we can advertise you!

Examples of Themed Performances:

  • Fire Spinning/Spitting
  • Sword Swallowing
  • Dance Routines
  • Juggling/Danger Juggling
  • Whip Artists
  • Balancing Acts
  • Acrobatics
  • Scary Clown Antics
  • Etc.

** Please keep in mind that live music will be ongoing throughout performances

Cyanide Suspension

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