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2024 Prizes

**See list below for specifics

The Southern Crow: Eclectic and Metaphysical Basket

Bentcirkus FX Enamel Pins


Bentcirkus FX donated this WICKED assortment of enamel monster pins for our raffles and prizes!

Roseann Harpold Art Prints

I don't know who this person is but they must be really cool 'cause they donated 3 art prints...

The Halloween Shirt Company T-Shirt

The Halloween Shirt Company donated these SICK shirts! Gotta love this design.

Attic Treasures Antiques

Attic Treasures donated these marbles from the 1800s that were excavated from the Atlanta Olympic Stadium. Crazy, right? Also there's this torture book with lots of fun little inserts.

Project Backfire Gift Certificate

Project Backfire donated a gift certificate for either a 9v Tattoo prop or Richard horn. I have seen these things in action and I promise you this is an incredible addition to the basket. Check out the props on their website!

**There are also a few other miscellaneous items not mentioned

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