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Clawing up from tainted graves, putrescent and foul, Lord Pumpkin breathes once more his waves of spiders upon an unsuspecting Classic City.  Woe unto you, Dawgs of the Bull!

The Slender Man beckons, peeky-boo up the street, while at his feet the children of the damned cluster lovingly:

“Come hither, and behold, the great and mighty Pumpkin Lord!  I usher you, dear Athens, to terrible claw and toothed maw!  Rejoice in its dead-eyed joy!"  The Slender Man laughs.  “Feed its Halloween bones!”

To the right hand of the Pumpkin Lord, the Meyers boy bears witness, all growed up now, a Lord himself.  He understands what must be fed.

From the rear flank, reinforcements, Siren Head, in ironic flaying cosmic horror, for warning time is over!

Lord Pumpkin is risen.  Look on his works, ye Mighty, and despair!

Unpleasant dreams,

The Jordans

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House in the Woods

Halloween Decorating Contest


Submit form by 11:59 PM on October 31st


Submit 3-5 images of your Halloween decor (judged for decor, not number of pictures)

  • Indoor or outdoor

  • Bonus points for people or animals in costume

Winners announced Nov. 1st 

Top 3 winners and honorable mentions posted on social media and website


1st Place: $200 Value

  4:    2-day HauntFest April Ghouls Tickets 

  8:    unlimited haunted trail wristbands

  5:    Raffle Tickets

  1:     HauntFest T-shirt


2nd Place: $100 Value

  2:    2-day HauntFest Tickets 

  4:    unlimited haunted trail wristbands 

  3:    Raffle Tickets

  1:     HauntFest Poster


3rd Place: $60 Value

  1:     2-day HauntFest Ticket

  2:    unlimited haunted trail wristband

  2:    Raffle Tickets

  1:     HauntFest Poster

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